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Protection: All original content on is created by the website owner or published under permission including but not limited to text, design, code, images, photographs and videos are considered to be the Intellectual Property of the website owner, whether copyrighted or not, and are protected by Protection Pro Service using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Title 17 Chapter 512 (c)(3). Reproduction or re-publication of this content is prohibited without permission.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Is part of US Copyright Law. It addresses penalties for copyright infringement found on the Internet. This act protects content creators by "establishing procedures for proper notification" to OSPs when copyright infringement is identified online. Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA), Title II is part of the DMCA as Section 512 to the Copyright Act and creates a conditional safe harbour to liability for copyright infringement by online service providers. These procedures allow proper DMCA Takedown Notices to be filed by the owner of this website or, as their designated agent, to an OSP in case infringed material has been detected on their servers.

(Update: 26 August 2020)

1. Silahkan menyalin artikel di blog ini, dengan syarat mencantumkan sumber dengan link aktif di artikel Anda

2. Boleh menyalin artikel di blog ini tanpa link aktif, dengan syarat menulis ulang (rewrite) 
agar tidak terdeteksi duplikat

3. Sengaja menyalin artikel atau copy paste tanpa meyertakan link aktif. Kami laporkan ke Google DMCA untuk di take down

4. Terima kasih atas perhatinnya.